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The first application process for coal safety and mining safety (MA, KA) mark certification

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Coal Mine Mark Certification (MA, KA certification for short) is a mandatory certification implemented by the National Coal Mine Safety Mark Office for underground coal mine supplies. All products listed in the safety certification catalog for mining products must obtain a certification certificate. No unit or individual shall sell, purchase, or use mining products that have been included in the safety sign management directory but have not obtained safety signs. Product manufacturing enterprises applying for safety signs need to go through several steps, including filling out the application form, conducting preliminary review and qualification registration, reviewing and issuing certificates.

1. Application  

(1) The production unit applying for safety signs must meet the following conditions:

① Having a business license issued by the administrative department for industry and commerce;

② Having registered capital, production scale, business premises, and technical strength suitable for the production of mining products;

③ The main managers should be familiar with coal mine safety regulations;

④ Production equipment with guaranteed product quality qualification;

⑤ There are inspection and testing methods that meet the safety performance requirements of the product:

⑥ Advanced, reasonable, and reliable production technology;

⑦ Having a sound and effective quality assurance system;

⑧ Having the conditions for finished product production (assembly) and factory inspection;

⑨ Other relevant conditions.

(2) Products applying for safety signs must meet the following conditions:

① Meet the safety production requirements of coal mines, comply with current national safety standards, industry safety standards, and the Coal Mine Safety Regulations; ② Having correct and complete technical documents;

③ New products produced using new materials, technologies, and processes should have appraisal or review opinions recognized by provincial and ministerial level safety production supervision (supervision) institutions;

④ Other relevant conditions.

(3) The mining product production unit applying for safety signs shall fill out two copies of the Safety Sign Application Form in accordance with regulations and submit the following materials to the certification body:

① A copy of the business license, stamped with the official seal of the applying unit;

② Technical documents such as product production standards (technical conditions), product drawings, process flow diagrams, etc;

③ Product photos;

(4) Other relevant information.

2. Review

(1) Preliminary review and acceptance

The institution shall conduct a preliminary review of the application materials submitted by the applicant, and if they meet the requirements, they shall be accepted; If it does not meet the requirements, Zhongnuo Testing will provide assistance and guidance.

(2) Technical review and product inspection

The laboratory conducts technical reviews on the applied products and conducts inspections on the products.

(3) On site review:

The institutional review team conducts on-site inspections and assessments of the applicant's qualifications, production capacity, and product safety performance guarantee system.

3. Certificate issuance

National institutions issue nationally recognized "Safety Mark Certificates" to products that pass the final review, and allow the use of "Safety Mark Identification" uniformly stipulated by the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety Supervision on their products and packaging; Record separately with the provincial-level coal mine safety supervision agency (if there is no provincial-level coal mine safety supervision agency, it shall be filed with the department designated by the people's government of the province, autonomous region, or municipality directly under the central government) and the National Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau in the location of the production unit, and the National Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau shall make a public announcement.

4. Units applying for safety labels for mining products shall pay review fees and product testing fees in accordance with national regulations.

5. The validity period of safety signs for coal mine products is generally 5 years according to product standards and management requirements.

6. By choosing Zhongnuo Testing, we can provide the following services:

(1) Develop a work plan based on the actual production, technology, and product situation of the enterprise, and carry out and complete the overall work from product application to certification according to the plan;

(2) Provide institutional certification model references and provide suggestions;

(3) The enterprise provides corresponding technical information for application, such as drawings, manuals, and detailed supporting parts; We can provide a reference template;

(4) Collect, organize, and apply for application materials, and pass them all at once;

(5) Provide production process flow charts, process cards, assembly cards, and other process data templates that meet the requirements of the organization, as well as product data templates;

(6) Provide product inspection procedure templates and guide enterprises in preparing standardized product factory inspection reports;

(7) Maintain communication with the laboratory to ensure timely arrangement of product on-site inspection time and cooperate with the enterprise to complete technical data rectification;

(8) Communicate with national agencies on specific matters such as on-site review time and projects;

(9) Establish a system document that meets the requirements of the Guidelines for Safety Sign Site Review; Such as coal mine safety requirements, safety standards and quality manuals, procedural documents, management systems, equipment operating procedures, inspection procedures, training plans, test papers, production records, inspection records, maintenance records, and other materials;

(10) On site production guidance, training, review and communication of response skills; On site pre evaluation and improvement of evaluation content;

(11) Review to ensure approval (hardware must meet requirements);

(12) Collaborative enterprise rectification

(13) Assist in evidence collection

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