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Relevant standards for coal safety certification (partial)

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Coal Mine Mark Certification (MA, KA certification for short) is a mandatory certification implemented by the National Coal Mine Safety Mark Office for underground coal mine supplies. All products listed in the safety certification catalog for mining products must obtain a certification certificate. The application for coal safety certification must be based on relevant national and industry standards. Below are some coal safety certification standards for reference, and the latest standards are subject to those issued by the country.

1. MT238.3-2006 Cantilever Tunneling Machine Part 3: General Technical Conditions

2. MT/T81-1998 Specification for Type Inspection of Drum Coal Mining Machines

3. MT/T82-1998 Factory Inspection Specification for Drum Shearer

4. MT/T84-1997 Drum Coal Mining Machine Types and Basic Parameters

5. MT/T105-2006 General technical specifications for scraper conveyors

6. MT/T106-1996 General Technical Conditions for Scraper Transfer Machine for Shunting

7. MT/T493-1995 General technical parameters of crusher for trough use

8. General technical specifications for MT312-2000 hydraulic supports

9. MT550-1996 Technical conditions for hydraulic supports with high mining height

10. MT/T555-1996 Technical Conditions for High Angle Hydraulic Supports

11. MT/T989-2006 General Technical Conditions for Mining Explosion proof Diesel Engine Trackless Rubber Wheeled Vehicles

12. MT491-1995 General technical requirements for explosion-proof battery electric locomotives in coal mines

13. GB3836.1-2000 Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Atmospheres Part 1: General Requirements

14. GB3836.2-2000 Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Atmospheres Part 2: Explosion proof Type "d"

15. GB3836.3-2000 Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Atmospheres Part 3: Increased Safety: "e"

16. GB3836.4-2000 Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Atmospheres Part 4: Intrinsic Safety Type "i"

17. GB4208-93 Housing protection level (IP code)

18. GB14048.1-2000 General Principles for Nuclear Control Equipment of Low Voltage Switchgear

19. MT/T661-1997 General technical requirements for electrical equipment used underground in coal mines

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