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The latest requirements for applying for coal safety certification for mining equipment using lithium-ion batteries

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according toMinutes of the 2022 Mining Product Explosion proof Technology SeminarThe following are the requirements for the use of lithium-ion batteries in mining equipment:

27. Requirements for the use of lithium-ion batteries

(1) The types and capacity requirements of lithium-ion batteries used in mining equipment shall be in accordance with the implementation rules for safety standards related audit and issuance.
(2) According to the requirements of Note 4 in Table 14 of GB/T 3836.1-2021, the corresponding standard/category for lithium batteries is based on GB/T 30426 or IEC 61960. Enterprises should provide
Inspection report or conformity declaration issued by the battery manufacturer.

(3) The rated capacity of lithium-ion batteries used in explosion-proof equipment shall not exceed 10Ah. According to the Implementation Rules for the Review and Issuance of Safety Signs for Mining Products - General Requirements for Batteries and Battery Groups (ABGZ-MK-08-2017-01), the applicant enterprise shall submit an inspection report issued by a national or ministerial level testing and inspection agency within 3 years. The safety performance shall not be lower than the provisions of Article 4.4 of MT/T 1051-2007 "Lithium ion Batteries for Mining Lights". Starting from May 1, 2023, inspection reports that meet the requirements of GB/T 30426 or IEC 61960 should also be provided.

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