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The difference and connection between coal safety certification and mine safety certification

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1、 Coal safety/Introduction to Mine Safety Certification System

Coal safety and mining safety certification, abbreviated as MA/KA certification, is a unique safety symbol certification system in China that must be obtained for equipment and products used in underground coal mines and non coal mining sites. The implementation of a safety production certification system for equipment, instruments, and other facilities used in underground coal mines effectively curbs the entry of counterfeit and inferior products into the mine. The implementation of a safety production marking system is an effective method.

The difference between coal safety and mining safety is one word, and many customers are always confused about whether to apply for coal safety certification or mining safety certification for their products. What is the connection and difference between the two types of certificates in our country's unique safety certification system for underground equipment?


2、 Coal safety/Differences in Mine Safety Certification

1. The difference in definition. Coal safety certification, abbreviated asMAauthenticationAs the name suggests, it is used underground in coal mines. Mine safety certification, also known as KA certification, is used for other metal or non-metal mines other than coal mines, which is an essential difference.

2. The testing is different. In the stage of type inspection, their testing is also very different. In terms of performance, coal safety certified products and mining safety certified products are inspected according to the same industry standards. But in terms of safety performance, coal safety certification needs to be doneExplosion proof testAccording to the national explosion-proof standards GB 3836 and GB 12476, the safety performance of equipment certified for mining safety must be inspected according to the GB/T 12173 standard. Coal safety certification is more focused on preventing explosions, while mining safety certification is more focused on the protective performance of the shell, which is the difference between their type tests.


3、 Coal safety/Contact for Mine Safety Certification

1. Applicant.Coal safety certificationThe certificate and mine safety certification certificate must be directly obtained by the factory or OEM enterprise

2. Issuing authority. The issuing authority for coal safety certification and mine safety certification is the same, both of which are managed by the Emergency Management Department;

3. Factory audit. The factory audit required for the application of coal safety and mine safety certification certificates is carried out based on the same standards. Products that have obtained coal safety certification certificates can easily obtain mine safety certification certificates through a conversion procedure, while the opposite is not possible.


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