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Product catalog for coal safety certification (partial)

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1、 Electrical equipment

1. High and low voltage electrical

Explosion proof load switch

Explosion proof feed switch

Explosion proof small switch (including stroke, conversion, pin, etc.)

Explosion proof mobile substation

Explosion proof dry-type transformer

Explosion proof distribution device

Explosion proof electronic control device

Explosion proof electromagnetic starter

Explosion proof control button

Explosion proof power breaker

Explosion proof junction box

Explosion proof cable connector

Explosion proof power compensation device

Explosion proof charging device

2. Explosion proof motor

Explosion proof AC motor

Explosion proof DC motor

Explosion proof motor

3. Mining pump

Submersible electric pump coal water pump

mud pump

Slurry pump

Clear water pump

4. Integrated protection device

Explosion proof leak detection relay

Explosion proof electrical comprehensive protection device

5. Other explosion-proof electrical appliances

Explosion proof electricity meter

Magnetic sensors

Laser pointer

Explosion proof solenoid valve

Explosion proof cameras and cameras

Explosion proof electrical enclosures, etc

2、 Lighting equipment

Lighting equipment

Safety helmet light

Alarm miner's lamp

Short circuit protection device for mining lamps

Explosion proof lamps (incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, other lighting fixtures)

3、 Explosive materials and detonators

Permissible explosives for coal mines (including emulsion explosives, ammonium nitrate explosives, water gel explosives, ammonium nitrate explosives, etc.)

Permissible detonators for coal mines

Permissible detonating cord for coal mines


4、 Communication and signaling devices

1. Communication

Explosion proof telephone and related equipment

Radio communication system and associated equipment

Leakage communication system and associated equipment

Wireless and wired hybrid communication systems and associated equipment

2. Signal

Explosion proof information transmission device

Explosion proof sound and light alarm (voice prompt) signal device

Explosion proof electric bell

Explosion proof dotting device

Explosion proof signal communication machine

Workplace communication and signal control devices

5、 Drilling equipment and accessories

Coal (rock) electric drill rock drilling equipment (electric, hydraulic, pneumatic)

Anchor rod drilling rig (electric, hydraulic, pneumatic)

Drilling rig

Underground mobile air compressor

Safety drilling rig (gas drainage, water exploration, outburst prevention, roof caving, water injection, fire prevention drilling rig)

6、 Upgrade and transport equipment

1. Belt conveyor (scraper)

Belt conveyor (including idlers and brakes)

Scraper conveyor

Shuncao transfer machine (belt type, scraper)

Coupling (including: explosive plug, soluble plug)

2. Transport equipment

People and vehicles (inclined shafts, alleys)

Mining car (including: connecting chain, bolt)

Coal mine winch

Mining steel wire rope

Lift container

Connection device

Fall Arrest

Anti running device for inclined shaft

Integrated backup protection device for hoist

7、 Power locomotive

Explosion proof battery electric locomotive (including: explosion-proof controller, explosion-proof resistor box, explosion-proof power supply device, battery, explosion-proof DC converter, explosion-proof DC stabilized power supply, explosion-proof variable frequency speed controller, monitor, etc.)

Wire type industrial and mining electric locomotives and supporting electrical equipment

Explosion proof diesel power equipment (including explosion-proof diesel engines)

8、 Ventilation and dust prevention equipment

Mine surface ventilation fan (limited to No. 15 and below)

Local ventilation fan


Wind speed sensor

Dust removal (reduction) device

Dust sampler

Dust concentration measuring instrument

9、 Flame retardant and anti-static products

Flame retardant conveyor belt and integral belt core

Air duct and duct coating cloth

Flame retardant cables for coal mines

Explosion proof water bag (tank)

Plastic mesh false roof for coal mines

Non metallic products (such as chutes, cable joints, pipes, fiberglass products, etc.) are flame retardant media (emulsified oil, high water content flame retardant liquids)

10、 Environmental, safety, and working condition monitoring instruments and equipment

1. Gas detection instruments and meters

Gas detection tube

Carbon monoxide detection instruments and meters

Methane detection instruments (including carrier catalytic elements)

Oxygen detection instruments and meters

Other gas detection instruments and meters

2. Safety and production monitoring system

Monitoring and control system

Mining sensors (including sensors for carbon monoxide, methane, negative pressure, pressure, water supply, temperature, speed, roof dynamics, wind speed, equipment on/off, etc.)

Underground substation

DC stabilized power supply

Wind power methane blocking device

Methane power-off instrument

Belt conveyor monitoring system

Power monitoring system

Transportation monitoring system

Natural fire monitoring system

Gas drainage monitoring system

3. Self rescue equipment, respirators, and resuscitators

Self rescue equipment, respirators, and resuscitators

4. Other safety devices

Emergency locking switch

Remote controller anti-collision measuring instruments and tools

Gas drainage equipment and instruments

Fire prevention and extinguishing equipment (including nitrogen generator)

11、 Support equipment

Hydraulic support (including column, valve, jack)

Air stack support

Single hydraulic pillar for mining (including three valves)

Cutting top pillar

Friction pillar

Metal top beam anchor rod (cable) (including rod body and anchoring agent)

Mining hydraulic sliding device

Emulsion pump

Rubber hoses for hydraulic supports

12、 Mining and excavation machinery and supporting equipment

Coal mining machine (including electric control device)

Tunnel boring machine (including electric control device)


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