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Guidelines for Applying for Changes in Coal Safety MA and Coal Safety KA Marks

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If the product of an enterprise is within the validity period of the safety mark, but the holder's industrial and commercial registration information, production conditions, or product technical documents change, it is necessary to apply for a change in the safety mark to the national agency.

1、 Application

If the product of the certificate holder needs to be changed within the validity period of the safety label, an application for change shall be submitted to Zhongnuo Testing. The change content includes changes in the legal representative, residence, registered capital, technical personnel of the production unit, inspection personnel, production equipment, inspection equipment, and product technical documents of the certificate holder.

2、 Preliminary review/acceptance

Zhongnuo Testing conducts a preliminary review of the application materials and accepts those that meet the requirements.

3、 Change assessment

(1) For changes in the industrial and commercial registration information of the holder, those that meet the requirements after verification shall be recorded; For those that require further verification through on-site review, after confirming that the changes comply with the relevant management regulations for safety signs, a new safety sign certificate shall be issued.

(2) If there are changes to the technical documents of the product, the national institution shall organize the review and evaluation of the changed content, and determine the audit process that should be carried out for the changed product.

4、 Technical review

For those that require technical review, they shall be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the technical review procedure, and the content of the technical review shall only be applicable to the changed parts.

5、 On site review

For those that require on-site review, follow the requirements of the on-site review procedure.

6、 Product inspection

For those that require inspection, follow the requirements of the inspection procedure, and the inspection items generally only involve the changed parts.

7、 Final review, issuance of new safety sign certificate

Zhongnuo Testing will submit relevant reports to national institutions. After receiving the relevant reports, the national institutions will conduct a final review of the changed products. Qualified products will be re filed with technical documents or replaced with safety sign certificates. When replacing the certificates, the certificate number and validity period will remain unchanged.

8、 By choosing Zhongnuo Testing, we can provide the following services:

(1) Develop a work plan based on the actual production, technology, and product situation of the enterprise, and carry out and complete the overall work from product application to certification according to the plan;

(2) Provide institutional certification model references and provide suggestions;

(3) The enterprise provides corresponding technical information for application, such as drawings, manuals, and detailed supporting parts; We can provide a reference template (for initial application);

(4) Collect, organize, and apply for application materials, and pass them all at once;

(5) Provide production process flow charts, process cards, assembly cards, and other process data templates that meet the requirements of the organization, as well as product data templates (initial application);

(6) Provide product inspection procedure templates and guide enterprises in preparing standardized product factory inspection reports;

(7) Maintain communication with the laboratory to ensure timely arrangement of product on-site inspection time and cooperate with the enterprise to complete technical data rectification;

(8) Communicate with national agencies on specific matters such as on-site review time and projects;

(9) Establish a system document that meets the requirements of the Guidelines for Safety Sign Site Review; Such as coal mine safety requirements, safety standards and quality manuals, procedural documents, management systems, equipment operating procedures, inspection procedures, training plans, test papers, production records, inspection records, maintenance records, and other materials;

(10) On site production guidance, training, review and communication of response skills; On site pre evaluation and improvement of evaluation content;

(11) Review to ensure approval (hardware must meet requirements);

(12) Collaborative enterprise rectification

(13) Assist in evidence collection


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