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Knowledge Q&A on Coal Safety MA Mark Application

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1What are coal safety certification and coal safety marks?

Coal Mine Safety Mark Certification (abbreviated as Coal Safety Certification, also known as MA Certification) is a mandatory certification implemented by the National Coal Mine Safety Mark Office for underground coal mine supplies. All products listed in the safety certification catalog for mining products must obtain a certification certificate.

Only products that have obtained coal safety certification can be labeled with the coal safety MA mark. No unit or individual shall sell, purchase, or use mining products that have been included in the safety sign management directory but have not obtained safety signs.

Product manufacturing enterprises applying for safety signs need to go through several steps, including filling out the application form, conducting preliminary review and qualification registration, reviewing and issuing certificates.
2What kind of enterprise can apply for the Coal Safety MA Mark?

(1) Production enterprises and assembly enterprises have fixed production sites, production equipment, inspection equipment, etc;

(2) The applied product should be within the business scope of the enterprise;

(3) Having a sound and effective quality assurance system;

(4) Having relevant technical capabilities;

(5) Other relevant conditions

 3What are the requirements for applying for the Coal Safety MA Mark for the product?

(1) Meet the safety production requirements of coal mines, comply with current national safety standards, industry safety standards, and the Coal Mine Safety Regulations;

(2) Having correct and complete technical documents;

(3) New products produced using new materials, technologies, and processes should have appraisal or review opinions recognized by provincial and ministerial level safety production supervision (supervision) institutions;

(4) Other relevant conditions.
4Can imported products apply for the Coal Safety MA Mark?

Imported products can also apply for the Coal Safety MA mark. It is divided into two types: importer application and foreign production enterprise application.

(1) Apply for MA marking according to the batch. Importers importing a batch of products to apply for the MA mark only need to go through application, sampling and testing. After the testing is completed, there is no need to go through on-site evaluation of the production enterprise. Only after inspecting the goods of this batch of products can the certificate be issued directly. But this certificate is only applicable to this batch of imported products, and there is no validity period for this certificate. The advantage is fast certification and low cost.

(2) Apply for MA mark according to domestically produced products. After a series of processes such as application, sample testing, on-site evaluation, and certification. It is worth noting that on-site evaluation requires going to foreign production enterprises for evaluation, and the provided materials must be in Chinese, which is relatively expensive and the cycle is also long.

 5How long is the validity period of the Coal Safety MA logo?

At present, the validity period of the Coal Safety MA logo is 5 years, and it needs to be re certified after expiration. Imported products do not have a validity period for applying for coal safety labels according to the batch, and are only valid for this batch of imported products.

 6Do we need to conduct a factory review for applying for the MA logo?


Unlike applying for an explosion-proof certificate, the country has strict control over coal safety signs. Applying for coal safety certification requires conducting a factory review of the applying enterprise.

 7Does the coal safety MA mark require annual inspection?

The national safety mark management agency shall supervise and manage enterprises that have obtained the coal safety MA mark every year. Generally, the enterprise is notified one day before the annual supervision review to prepare for the review, with relatively strict requirements.

8Can the same production enterprise apply for the Coal Safety MA logo only once for different product categories?

No, it's not possible.

According to relevant regulations, even for the same production enterprise, different product categories must apply for the Coal Safety MA Mark separately and undergo on-site evaluations separately. If the product difference is small and it is evaluated that it can be placed in the same category of products, it can also be used as a series of applications for coal safety MA marks.

 9What documents are required to apply for coal safety certification?

(1) Enterprise standards

(2) Product manual

(3) Product drawings (circuit diagram, PCB diagram, schematic diagram, final assembly diagram, hydraulic diagram, position diagram, etc.)

(4) BOM table

(5) Nameplates, factory certificates, etc

(5) Samples

 10How much does it cost to apply for coal safety certification?

The cost of applying for coal safety certification at Zhongnuo Testing includes the following:

(1) Certificate fee

(2) Application fee

(3) Technical review fee

(4) Testing fee

(5) Expert on-site review fees

(6) Food, accommodation, and travel expenses for on-site review

(7) Technical service fees, etc

 11How long does it take to apply for coal safety certification?

Due to the relatively complex process of applying for coal safety certification, except for the testing time controlled by our laboratory, everything else is done through online application, review, and approval, and the time is basically based on the review time of national institutions. According to the normal application process, the certification period for coal safety certification is generally 6-7 months, depending on the customer's product structure and the information provided by the customer.

 12What services do we provide for applying for coal safety certification?

(1) Develop a work plan based on the actual production, technology, and product situation of the enterprise, and carry out and complete the overall work from product application to certification according to the plan;

(2) Provide reference for coal safety certification models and provide suggestions;

(3) The enterprise provides corresponding technical information for application, such as drawings, manuals, and detailed supporting parts; We provide rectification requirements;

(4) Collection, organization, and application of application materials;

(5) Provide production process flow diagrams, process cards, assembly cards, and other process data templates that meet coal safety requirements, as well as product data templates;

(6) Provide product inspection procedure templates and guide enterprises in preparing standardized product factory inspection reports;

(7) Maintain communication with the inspection center to ensure timely arrangement of product on-site inspection time and cooperate with the enterprise to complete technical data rectification;

(8) Communicate with the national certification authority on specific matters such as the time and project of on-site review;

(9) Establish system documents that meet the requirements of the "Guidelines for Site Review Requirements"; Such as coal mine safety requirements, safety standards and quality manuals, procedural documents, management systems, equipment operating procedures, inspection procedures, training plans, test papers, production records, inspection records, maintenance records, and other materials;

(10) On site production guidance, training, review and communication of response skills; On site pre evaluation and improvement of evaluation content; Assist the enterprise in passing on-site evaluations, provided that the hardware meets the requirements;

(11) Collaborative enterprise rectification;

(12) Evidence collection

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