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Requirements for relevant information on coal safety certification

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1、 Preparation of materials for applying for coal safety certification

1. Enterprise standards

2. Product manual

3. List of Controlled Components

4. List of Main Components

5. Product technical information (such as schematic diagrams, final assembly drawings, PCB diagrams, hydraulic diagrams, etc.)
Note: 1. The format of enterprise standards should comply with GB/T1.1-2002 "Guidelines for Standardization Work Part 1: Structure and Writing Rules of Standards"; GB/T1.2-2002 "Guidelines for Standardization Work Part 2: Methods for Determining the Content of Normative Technical Elements in Standards".

2. The format for writing product manuals should comply with GB9969.1-1998 General Principles of Industrial Product Instructions
2、 Preparation of samples

The manufacturing department completes the prototype manufacturing according to the design drawings, the project team formulates a factory inspection outline based on enterprise and industry standards, and the quality assurance department completes the factory inspection according to the factory inspection outline.
Note: In addition to preparing prototypes, electrical products also need to prepare electrical components for intrinsic safety testing, such as intrinsic safety power supplies, sensors, etc; Electrical components used for electrical performance testing, such as contactors, circuit breakers, isolating switches, etc.

 3、 Declaration principles

1. Declaration of similar products simultaneously

2. Common coal safety components for multiple products

3. Advance declaration of electrical equipment and complete machine

4. Product molding re declaration

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