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What are the requirements for factory inspection for explosion-proof 3C certification?

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Since October 1, 2019, the State Administration for Market Regulation has included some explosion-proof electrical equipment in the scope of national mandatory product certificationCCCThe mandatory product certification for explosion-proof electrical equipment adopts the market access method of "type inspection factory review".

Explosion proof electrical3CWhat are the requirements for certified factory inspections?

1、 Basic requirements

The factory should be equipped with sufficient inspection and testing instruments and equipment to ensure the ability of the instruments and equipment used in procurement, production, final inspection and testing, and meet the inspection and testing requirements for certified product mass production. Inspection and testing personnel should be able to use instruments and equipment correctly, master inspection and testing requirements, and effectively implement them.

2、 Calibration and verification

The inspection and testing instruments and equipment used to ensure that the certified products produced meet the prescribed requirements should be calibrated or verified according to the prescribed cycle. The calibration or verification cycle can be set according to the frequency of use of the instruments and equipment, previous calibration situation, etc; For internal calibration, the factory should establish calibration methods, acceptance criteria, and calibration cycles; Calibration or verification should be traced back to national or international standards. The calibration or verification status of instruments and equipment should be easily identifiable by users and management personnel; The factory should keep calibration or verification records of instruments and equipment. For calibration or verification activities entrusted to external agencies, the factory should ensure that the capabilities of the external agencies meet the calibration or verification requirements, and keep relevant capability evaluation results.

3、 Explosion proof products require the following inspection equipment:

1. Calipers

2. Micrometer (only necessary for explosion-proof types)

3. Dial gauge (only necessary for explosion-proof types)

4. Knife edge ruler or flatness testing equipment (onlyExplosion proofType essential)

5. Feeler gauge (only necessary for explosion-proof types)

6. Roughness sample block or roughness meter (only necessary for explosion-proof types)

7. Thread ring gauge and plug gauge (only necessary for explosion-proof types)

8. Explosion proof shell water pressure testing machine (only essential for explosion-proof types)


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