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Explosion proof CCC certification requirements for explosion-proof enclosures as Ex components

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Whether the Ex components belong to the scope of the explosion-proof CCC certification catalog should strictly comply with the provisions of CNCA-C23-01:2019 "Implementation Rules for Compulsory Product Certification of Explosion proof Electrical" and "Description and Definition Table of Compulsory Product Certification Catalog (Revised in 2020)".

Zhongnuo TestingAccording to the "Implementation Rules for Compulsory Product Certification for Explosion proof Electrical" product catalog, explosion-proof enclosures belong to the mandatory product catalog scope of Class 2313.

Explosion proof casing, as a common type of Ex component, belongs to the category ofExplosion proof 3c certificationAre all products in the product catalog required to obtain explosion-proof CCC certification?

According to the latest resolution on explosion-proof electrical equipment issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation, is it necessary to apply for explosion-proof CCC certification for explosion-proof enclosures as Ex components? There are several situations:

1. Explosion proof shell for self-produced and self used use: No separate CCC certification is required, and the explosion-proof performance of the shell is subjected to type testing along with the entire machine;

2. Explosion proof shell manufacturers design and manufacture their own products as Ex components for external sales: CCC certification is required;

3. As an outsourcing party, the explosion-proof shell production factory processes according to the design drawings of the entire machine enterprise: no CCC certificate is required, and the explosion-proof performance of the shell is subjected to type inspection along with the entire machine; When conducting factory inspections on whole machine enterprises, it can be extended to outsourced parties for factory inspections. Alternatively, certification bodies may conduct extended evaluations based on the effectiveness of quality control by external partners of the production enterprise.

aboutCoal safety certificationThe implementation and control requirements for the explosion-proof shell can be further consulted with Zhongnuo Testing

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