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Mandatory certification for explosion-proof electrical products in accordance with GB/T3836 standard revision requirements

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New national standard GB/T3836-2021 series explosion-proof standardsIt was officially implemented on May 1, 2022.

Starting from May 1, 2022,The CCC certification for explosion-proof products will only be adoptedImplementation certification of new standards and issuance of new standard certification certificate.

We would like to remind you that several major certification agencies in China have issued requirements for mandatory certification of explosion-proof electrical equipment based on the new version of the standard.Enterprise customers who have obtained the mandatory explosion-proof electrical certification (i.e. explosion-proof CCC certification) need to focus on the following time points:

For projects that have not completed the certification decision, enterprises should submit a standard version change application to the issuing authority.

✍ For products that have obtained mandatory certification according to the old standard, the holder of the old standard certification certificate should, after the implementation of the new standard,Before the completion of the next annual supervision,Submit an application to the issuing authority for the conversion of the new version of the standard certification certificate, and accept the testing carried out by the laboratory in accordance with the relevant TC28 resolutions for the difference test items between the new and old versions of the standard. Complete the product confirmation work according to the new version of the standard, and issue a new version of the standard certification certificate.

✍ The conversion of old standard certification certificates should be carried out atBefore April 30, 2023Completed. Certification certificates that have not been converted by the deadline will be issued by the issuing authoritysuspend;Before July 31, 2023For those who have not yet completed the certificate conversion work, the issuing authority willrevokeOld version standard certification certificate. For certified products that have already been manufactured, put on the market, and are no longer in production before May 1, 2022, there is no need for certificate conversion.

As a professional explosion-proof testing certification agency, Zhongnuo Testing,We maintain stable and good cooperative relationships with major domestic certification agencies and laboratoriesFamiliar with the basic process and new standard requirements of explosion-proof electrical CCC certification, able to provide services such as explosion-proof electrical CCC certification, explosion-proof qualification certificate conversion to 3C certificate, new standard revision, factory audit, and derivation.

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