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Sample of explosion-proof 3C certification certificate

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Explosion proof 3C certification is a mandatory certification adopted by the country for some explosion-proof electrical equipment.

At present, products belonging to the explosion-proof 3C certification catalog include 17 categories. Including:

Explosion proof motors, explosion-proof pumps, explosion-proof distribution devices, explosion-proof switches, control and protection products, explosion-proof starters, explosion-proof transformers, explosion-proof electric actuators, solenoid valve products, explosion-proof plug-in devices, explosion-proof monitoring products, explosion-proof communication, signaling devices, explosion-proof air conditioners, ventilation equipment, explosion-proof electric heating products, explosion-proof accessories, Ex components, explosion-proof instrument products, explosion-proof sensors Safety barrier products and explosion-proof instrument box products

At present, there are 6 institutions in China that can issue explosion-proof # 3C certification # certificates, namely:







Zhongnuo TestingHere are several 3C certification certificate samples from institutions for reference.



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