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The latest product catalog for explosion-proof CCC certification

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1、 The latest product catalog for explosion-proof CCC certification

according toThe basic principles of the "Description and Definition Table of Compulsory Product Certification Catalogue (Revised in 2020)" issued by the Certification and Accreditation Administration in April 2020,The catalog of explosion-proof electrical CCC certified products is divided into the following 17 categories.

1. Explosion proof motor
2. Explosion proof electric pump
3. Explosion proof distribution device
4. Explosion proof switches, control and protection products
5. Explosion proof walking device products
6. Explosion proof transformer
7. Explosion proof electric actuator and solenoid valve
8. Explosion proof monitoring products
9. Explosion proof communication and signaling devices
10. Explosion proof air conditioning and ventilation equipment
11. Explosion proof electric heating products
12. Safety barrier
13. Explosion proof instrument box
14. Explosion proof accessories and Ex components
15. Plug in equipment
16. Explosion proof sensor
17. Explosion proof instruments and meters

What specific products are included in these 17 types of explosion-proof electrical products?

For details, please refer to the table below.

twoThe following products are clearly not within the scope of the explosion-proof CCC certification catalog:

(1) Temperature instrument;

(2) Pressure sensor;
QR code scanner, explosion-proof intelligent scanning terminal, etc;
(4) Gas sensors;
(5) Transmitters;
(6) Explosion proof breathing valve/drainage valve;
(7) Portable audio and video recorders for law enforcement purposes;
(8) Observation window;
(9) Combustible gas detector;
(10) Level gauge, liquid level gauge
Flow meter.

3、 Other

Handheld terminals, specific products can be judged according to the functions specified in the catalog definition table to determine whether they belong to the scope of the CCC catalog.

Zhongnuo TestingProfessional agency for explosion-proof certification and explosion-proof CCC certification services, providing early explosion-proof technical guidance, explosion-proof 3C certification derivation, explosion-proof certification conversion to 3C certification, factory audit guidance and training, and assisting enterprises in quickly obtaining explosion-proof CCC certification.

The above information is provided by Zhongnuo Testing,Please consult further for details!

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