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The basic process of applying for explosion-proof 3C certification for explosion-proof electrical equipment

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As we all know, since October 1, 2019, the State Administration for Market Regulation has included explosion-proof electrical products in the scope of national mandatory product certification. This means that all products listed in the explosion-proof electrical product catalog must apply for national 3C certification. So, as a manufacturer of explosion-proof electrical equipment, how should we apply for explosion-proof 3C certification?

In fact, the application process for explosion-proof electrical 3C certification is the same as that for ordinary 3C certification. The basic process for applying for explosion-proof electrical 3C certification is as follows.


1、 Application process

1Submit an application for explosion-proof electrical 3C certification online. The submitted materials include:

(1) Certification application form or certification service agreement (should be signed and stamped);

(2) Registration certificates of certification clients, producers, and production enterprises (such as business licenses, administrative licensing statements, etc.);

(3) Product description, mainly including: technical parameters, structure, model description, list of key components and materials, differences in specifications of products included in the same certification unit, etc;

(4) Technical documents mainly include: product standards (or technical conditions), manuals, product drawings related to explosion-proof performance, etc;

(5) Certificate of conformity and factory inspection report of test samples;

(6) Production enterprise information table (when factory inspection is required);

(7) ODM mode: Provide corresponding information, such as ODM protocol, in accordance with the requirements of CQM02-C1 "Supplementary Rules for ODM Mode in CCC Certification".

(8) OEM mode: OEM protocol, etc.

(9) For change requests, supporting documents for relevant change projects;

(10) Other required documents.

2The issuing authority reviews the application materials

The issuing authority generally reviews the application materials within 2 working days

3Laboratory testing

After the certification authority approves the materials, arrange the testing task to the laboratory within 2 working days,

Laboratory selection: optional/specified

Sample delivery requirements: Send samples according to laboratory requirements

4Test cycle

Time limit: Generally, a test report should be issued within 30 working days after confirming receipt of the sample, depending on the complete information provided by the customer and the explosion-proof type applied for. If there are any rectifications during the testing process, the rectification time will not be included. If it is a composite or complex testing project with a long testing cycle, the testing time will be postponed accordingly.

5Provide a test report

(1) Testing non-compliance must be rectified within 3 months

(2) If the certificate is not issued within 12 months due to customer reasons after the report is issued, the report will be invalid.

6Initial factory inspection

(1) The initial factory inspection is usually arranged within 3 working days after the type test is completed.

(2) Review 2-6 person days, calculated based on the number of units and relevant personnel of the enterprise.

(3) Audit basis: Factory quality assurance capability and product consistency.

(4) The rectification of non conformities in factory inspections must be completed within 40 days.

(5) The factory inspection results will be reviewed and completed within 5 working days

7Certificate issuance

The issuing authority shall review the type test and factory inspection reports within 5 working days, and issue a certificate after passing the review.

2、 Application fees

The cost of explosion-proof electrical 3C certification includes application fees, certificate fees, testing fees, and factory inspection fees.
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