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Is the explosion-proof certification level Ex de higher than Ex d?

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The composite explosion-proof certification mark indicates that a single explosion-proof type of the product cannot achieve explosion-proof, and two or more explosion-proof types must be used

For example, explosion-proof equipment with antennas, the antenna part is generally treated with intrinsic safety, and this equipment is both explosion-proof and intrinsic safety,

In addition, the refueling gun usually belongs to zone 0 and can only be used for cost safety. The other parts can be made into Zone 1, which can be intrinsically safe or explosion-proof.

Composite explosion-proof products do not necessarily meet all the requirements of different explosion-proof types, nor do they necessarily have a higher explosion-proof level than a single explosion-proof type.

The explosion-proof level of the product mainly depends on the combination of gas/dust, temperature group, and equipment protection level

Gas combination: IIC>IIB>IIA

Dust combination: IIIC>IIIB>IIIA

Temperature group: T6>T5>T4>T3>T2>T1

Equipment protection combination: Ga>Gb>Gc, Da>Db>Dc

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