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Standard for Regular Explosion Prevention Testing Reports in Hazardous Chemical Places

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The on-site explosion-proof testing we often refer to is the regular inspection of electrical equipment used in explosive hazardous areas to ensure its explosion-proof safety performance.

According to the AQ3009-2007 Electrical Safety and Explosion Protection Code for Hazardous Areas, the regular inspection period for such places generally cannot exceed 3 years.

The inspection items include the selection and installation of explosion-proof equipment, line laying, static electricity, grounding, etc.

The inspection methods include visual inspection, general inspection, and detailed inspection, and some sites may also involve shutdown inspections.

After inspection, if there are any non conformities, we will provide specific rectification suggestions to the owner, and the owner can make rectification within a specified period based on the non conformities.

Zhongnuo Testing has provided on-site explosion-proof testing and explosion-proof renovation construction services for various gas stations, gas stations, oil depots, food factories, feed factories, chemical plants, etc., with a large number of successful cases and industry experience.

If you happen to need to do such on-site explosion-proof electrical testing reports, please feel free to send us a private message for specific communication.

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