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How to apply for an explosion-proof certificate?

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The explosion-proof certificate is a safety certification certificate for equipment used in explosive places, with the certification standard being GB/T 3836 series.

The process for enterprises to apply for explosion-proof certificates is relatively simple. They need to provide electrical schematic diagrams, final assembly drawings, structural diagrams, product manuals, and enterprise standards, and provide samples that are consistent with the drawings for explosion-proof testing.

Once the test is qualified, an explosion-proof test report and explosion-proof certificate can be issued.

At present, the main institutions issuing explosion-proof certificates include Nanyang CNEX, Tianjin PCEC, Shanghai NEPSI, various coal science institutes, Suzhou Electric Power Research Institute, etc.

These institutions all have complete certification qualifications, and the validity of certificates is the same.

Although the process is relatively simple, it is not easy to ensure that the product meets the design requirements of GB/T 3836 series standards.

If the enterprise is doing explosion-proof product design and certification for the first time, we recommend Shenzhen Zhongnuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

We have specialized intrinsic safety circuit design and product structure engineers who can provide consulting services such as intrinsic safety design, circuit evaluation, structural design, and drawing guidance. Successful cases include various sensors, instruments, automation equipment, robot products, etc.

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