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Does explosion-proof certification include explosion-proof 3C certification?

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| 2023-04-19|Return

Let me put it this way, currently the explosion-proof certification in China is divided into explosion-proof 3C certification and explosion-proof qualification certificate certification.

The explosion-proof qualification certificate and explosion-proof 3C certification are respectively aimed at different explosion-proof products and belong to different certification modes.

Starting from October 1, 2009, the country has included some explosion-proof electrical equipment in the CCC certification catalog, which is the national mandatory product certification. Products listed in the catalog will undergo explosion-proof 3C certification, adopting a "product testing factory review" model, which requires both product type testing and on-site factory review.

The explosion-proof certificate is applicable to products outside the explosion-proof 3C catalog. The certification mode is product testing, and once the product passes the testing, an explosion-proof certificate can be issued.

Of course, products outside the explosion-proof 3C catalog can also only apply for explosion-proof certificates, but there is a risk of market supervision being punished. This needs to be considered by the customer themselves.

When consulting, customers need to first confirm what product it is, and then confirm what certification mode to use.

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