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How to apply for explosion-proof installation qualification?

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The technical training certificate for the installation, maintenance, and repair of explosion-proof electrical equipment is one of the necessary qualifications for companies engaged in the explosion-proof electrical installation and construction industry. Many customers engaged in explosive installation construction want to apply for such a certificate. Zhongnuo Testing briefly introduces the application process and requirements.

At present, there are different issuing institutions, certificate names, certificate templates, and processing requirements for explosion-proof installation qualification certificates.

But mostly through training and exams, including company certificates and employee certificates, the training standards are GB/T 3836 series.

As a professional company that provides technical training certificates for the installation, maintenance, and repair of explosion-proof electrical equipment, Zhongnuo Testing has cumulatively obtained corresponding certificates for hundreds of customer enterprises. We regularly arrange 1-2 training and exam sessions per month, assisting in the preparation of necessary documents throughout the process, which can save processing time and costs for our corporate clients. The certificate is authentic and authoritative. We can also provide customers with expedited certification processing. If you have any needs in this regard, feel free to send us a private message at any time!

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