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What should be noted in the design of explosion-proof shells?

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According to the requirements of national standards GB3836 and GB12476, the explosion-proof enclosure of explosion-proof electrical equipment must meet the following four design requirements:

1. IP protection level requirements

For explosion-proof enclosures, the enclosure of dust explosion-proof electrical equipment must meet two types of requirements:

① Dust tight shell: The structure of the shell is designed as a dustproof structure, and dust cannot enter. The shell's ability to prevent foreign objects is level 6.

② Dust proof shell: It cannot completely prevent dust from entering, but the amount of entry is not enough to affect the normal operation of electrical equipment. The shell's ability to prevent external objects is level 5.

The gas explosion-proof shell requires that the protective ability of the shell must reach IP54 or above.

Intrinsic safety typeexplosion-proofThe requirements for the outer shell are relatively low, only requiring an IP20 or higher.

2. Material selection requirements

For explosion-proof shells, it is required that the shell material should have good thermal stability, sufficient strength, and be able to withstand explosive pressure without damage or deformationExplosion proofThe joint surface should be able to withstand explosions without transmitting them. Generally, materials such as cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc. can be used.

3. Requirements for non-metallic components

The non-metallic components of the explosion-proof shell should meet the requirements of relevant standards for heat and cold resistance, light aging, flame erosion testing, etc

4. Appearance requirements for the shell

The surface coating of the explosion-proof shell should be smooth, intact, free of rust and mold, and the nameplate should be complete and clear.

It should be pointed out that the explosion-proof electrical equipment used in ordinary chemical plants may not necessarily meet the requirements for underground use in coal mines. There are differences in the requirements for explosion-proof shells used in mines and factory use, and details can be further consultedZhongnuo Testing!

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