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Which institution can handle explosion-proof 3C certification and 3C factory audit guidance?

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Background of explosion-proof 3C certification

CCC certification isChina Compulsory CertificationIts English name is"China Compilation Certification", abbreviated asCCC. It is a product qualification assessment system implemented in China in accordance with laws and regulations to protect the personal safety of consumers and national security, strengthen product quality management.

since2019year10month1Starting from today, explosion-proof electrical products will be included in the listCCCScope of certification management; since2020year10month1Starting from today, compulsory enforcement will begin; Belongs to explosion-proof categoryCCCThe products in the catalog must be certified with corresponding explosion-proof measuresCCCCertificates,The certification process includes type inspection, initial factory inspection, and post certification supervision, which is a certification method that combines product testing and factory review.

Shenzhen Zhongnuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional explosion-proof certification agency, is familiar with explosion-proof3CCertification and explosion-proof certificate transfer3CThe process and requirements for certification, as well as stable and good cooperative relationships with certification agencies and laboratories, are essential for explosion prevention3CWe also have rich practical experience in the field of factory audit, derivation, and change certification, which can provide convenient and worry free explosion-proof services for our customers3CCertification and evidence collection service!

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