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KA Catalogue of Safety Certification for Non Coal Mine Mining Products

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KA Catalogue of Safety Certification for Non Coal Mine Mining Products


1Mining high and low voltage electrical equipment

Explosion proof electrical equipment;

Control device; Transformer;

Electric motor;

Protective devices.

2Mine drainage equipment

Main water pump

3Upgrade and transport equipment

1.Upgrade equipment and supporting equipment

Mining elevators and winches;

People and vehicles; Mining steel wire rope;

Lift the container;

Fall arresters and sports car protective devices

2.Transportation equipment

Rail transportation equipment (including electric locomotives, shuttle cars, mining cars, mining cars, and connectors);

Continuous transportation equipment (including belt conveyors, scraper conveyors, and couplings);

Trackless transportation equipment (including underground mining trucks and underground scrapers).

4Ventilation and dust prevention equipment

Mine main ventilation fan and auxiliary equipment;

Local ventilation fan;

Auxiliary ventilation fan;

Dust removal (reduction) device

5Mining and support equipment

1.Electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic drilling machines (vehicles) for drilling machinery;

Underground mobile air compressor

2.Support equipment

Concrete spraying machine;

Anchor rods (cables) and installation devices.

3.Integrated mechanized mining equipment

6Safety testing, monitoring, monitoring, communication instruments and equipment

1.Safety testing instruments and meters

2.Mining sensors

3.Safety and production monitoring system

4.Communication equipment

5.With (without) line communication system and associated equipment

7Mining non-metallic products such as cables and conveyor belts, mining cables;

Mining conveyor belt; Air duct and duct coating cloth;

Non metallic pipes;

Flame retardant media (emulsified oil, high water content flame retardant liquid)

8Emergency rescue equipment

Underground fire extinguishing equipment;

Disaster relief communication facilities and equipment;

Self rescue equipment, respirators, etc.


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