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Analysis of Explosion proof Certification Technology for RFID Location Tags

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1、 UnderstandingRFIDtechnology

RFID positioning tags areZhongnuo TestingOne of the products that customers inquire about with a high number of explosion-proof certifications.RFIDIn recent years, electronic tags based on positioning principles have been widely used in the fields of personnel positioning and equipment and facility positioning, due to their long transmission distance, simple and reliable circuits, small size, and low cost. For example, in the fields of animal chips, automotive chip anti-theft devices, access control, parking lot control, production line automation, material management, etc.


Radio frequency identification(RFID),Radio Frequency IdentificationThe abbreviation is a type of automatic recognition technology. It conducts non-contact bidirectional data communication through wireless radio frequency, using wireless radio frequency to read and write recording media (electronic tags or radio frequency cards), in order to achieve the purpose of identifying targets and exchanging data. It is considered21One of the most promising information technologies of the century.

IIRFIDAnalysis of explosion-proof certification technology for positioning labels

According to national safety production andExplosion proof standardIt is required that electrical and non electrical equipment used in explosive hazardous areas must pass the testing and certification of relevant national explosion-proof standards, obtain corresponding explosion-proof testing reports and certification certificates before being put into market application. Applied to explosive locationsRFIDThe positioning label must also pass through the countryExplosion proof certificationTechnical requirements.

So for this type of positioning label to undergo explosion-proof certification, it mainly has the following technical requirements:

1. The battery selection is crucial for active positioning tags. The battery should be able to pass throughGB 3836In the short circuit test, if the short circuit performance of the battery is not satisfactory and the thickness of the electrode does not meet the requirements, it is difficult to pass the battery test and there is no way to talk about explosion-proof.

2. The energy of a circuit, generally if it is pureRFIDActive electronic tag, its capacitance should be atMHLevel, therefore its circuit energy often does not become an obstacle to the certification of such products.

3. The electrical clearance and creepage distance of circuit boards vary depending on the explosion-proof level. Therefore, it is not advisable to arrange the components on the circuit board too densely.

4. Whether used for personnel positioning or equipment and facilities positioning, more manufacturers tend to make non-metallic shells, which can reduce weight and cost. Therefore, when using non-metallic shells, anti-static issues must be considered. In the process of making shells, adding anti-static agents to the shell material can easily solve this problem.

Achieved the above four points, oneRFIDThe explosion-proof certification for the positioning label can be obtained.

IIIRFIDWhat explosion-proof types can positioning labels be made of?

RFID positioning tags are generally used for tracking and positioning in places with high security, small size, low power, andIntrinsic safety typeMostly. Most of the timeIborICExplosion proof level is sufficient.


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