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What is intrinsic safety? How to apply for intrinsic safety certification?

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The explosion-proof certificates for the temperature vibration sensors, remote transmitters, methane monitoring devices, Bluetooth beacons, walkie talkies and other products we have recently processed are all intrinsically safe explosion-proof types, with the execution standards being GB/T3836.1 and GB/T3836.4.

Intrinsic safety equipment mainly achieves the requirements of intrinsic safety and explosion-proof by controlling the electrical parameters of the equipment circuit and limiting the energy of the entire circuit. The main measures are to reduce voltage and current, and control the parameters of energy storage components such as inductors and capacitors.

This requires customers to refer to the design requirements for intrinsic safety circuits in GB/T3836.1 and GB/T3836.4 when designing circuits. If the customer is not familiar with this standard, significant changes will need to be made in the later stage of product inspection.

When applying for intrinsic safety certification, customers need to provide electrical schematic diagrams, PCB diagrams, circuit BOM tables, product assembly drawings, manuals, enterprise standards, and other materials.

The main testing items of intrinsic safety equipment include structural inspection, spark ignition test, drop test, IP test, temperature test, dielectric strength test, battery and battery pack test, surface resistance measurement of non-metallic material casing, etc.

If you also have products that require intrinsic safety certification, you can contact Shenzhen Zhongnuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd!

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