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Technical points for applying for explosion-proof certification of gas detectors

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Gas detectors are quite common explosion-proof products, including intrinsically safe, explosion-proof, and both explosion-proof and intrinsically safe types. The choice of explosion-proof type depends on the structure, electrical parameters, installation method, and usage location of the product.

For portable and handheld devices, it is recommended to obtain an intrinsic safety explosion-proof certificate, which is relatively lightweight. In addition, if the gas detector is used in Zone 0, it can only be rated as intrinsically safe and explosion-proof. When making an intrinsic safety type, one should consider the intrinsic safety design of the circuit, the material of the casing, and the temperature rise test of the battery.

Fixed type can be considered as explosion-proof. Explosion proof products are relatively bulky, mainly achieved through explosion-proof enclosures. Even if internal components generate sparks, the explosion-proof shell can block the propagation of the explosion, and on the other hand, the shell can also block the transmission of external explosion sparks into the interior of the equipment.

Of course, there are also some gas detectors that cannot achieve explosion-proof performance solely based on intrinsic safety or explosion-proof. In this case, it is necessary to consider composite explosion-proof types such as explosion-proof and intrinsic safety.

Zhongnuo TestingAt present, we have obtained domestic and international explosion-proof certificates for gas detectors, alarms, transmitters and other instruments for our customers. We have rich experience and cases in evidence collection. Please feel free to send us a private message for communication!

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