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List of documents required for obtaining explosion-proof certificate

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What documents are required to apply for an explosion-proof certificate, and how do customers need to provide explosion-proof certification materials?

Shenzhen Zhongnuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd. hereby summarizes the necessary information for explosion-proof certification. The information required for different explosion-proof types may vary. The following information is for reference only, and a detailed list can be further consulted with us.

1. Product drawings and data

(1) Circuit schematic

(2) Final assembly drawing

(3) PCB diagram

(4) Structural diagram

(5) Component List (BOM)

(6) Nameplate diagram, etc

2. Technical documents(Belonging to professional technical documents, Zhongnuo Testing can assist enterprises in preparing them

(1) Enterprise standard (product explosion-proof related test items)

(2) Product manual (incorporating explosion-proof standards)

3. Application materials for explosion-proof certificate

(1) Copy of Business License

(2) Product Name

(3) Product model, etc

4Other information

(1) Battery specification sheet

(2) Shell Material Report

(3) Sealing process documents

(4) Copy of explosion-proof certificate for Ex components

(5) Wireless transmission power report or SRRC certificate of wireless module

5. Samples

(1) 1-2 complete machine samples

(2) 10 batteries

(3) Unpacked circuit board

(4) Associated devices

(5) Surface resistance test specimen for non-metallic materials (150x60x3mm)

(6) Explosion proof shell

Explanation: Not all of the above information needs to be provided. It needs to be evaluated based on the product structure and explosion-proof type. Further communication is welcome.

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