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How to obtain an explosion-proof certificate for a combination product as a whole?

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The application of combined explosion-proof equipment

With the increasing emphasis on industrial safety, more and more ordinary industrial products are improving towards explosion-proof products. Ordinary products achieveExplosion proof standardExplosion proof rectification must be carried out to obtain an explosion proof certificate. The same applies to modular complete sets of equipment. Generally, it is required that all components of the product, such as power distribution, sensors, controllers, and other electrical instruments, be replaced with products with explosion-proof certificates for use. An explosion-proof box should be made and installed together. Of course, the explosion-proof level of this explosion-proof box must correspond to the hazardous environment on site, and the same applies to other explosion-proof components purchased.

The circuit comes out of the explosion-proof cable clamping and sealing joint of the explosion-proof box. If the wiring port on the other end of the factory is installed in a hazardous area, it is also required to have an explosion-proof cable clamping and sealing device for wiring. If there is a risk of impact on site, anti impact explosion-proof flexible pipes need to be used. Replace the motor from the power source with an explosion-proof one, replace the sound and light alarm with an explosion-proof one, replace the fan with an explosion-proof one, and so on. The purchased explosion-proof components must have authenticityExplosion proof certificateAnd within the validity period, a copy must be provided when applying for overall equipment certification.

Requirements for applying for explosion-proof qualification certificate for combined explosion-proof equipment

Explosion proof equipment composed of various explosion-proof components does not need to consider the thickness of the surrounding steel plate. Generally, it is necessary to send the product manual, final assembly drawing, on-site environment, etc. to our professional personnel for review and judgment. Any non-conforming areas need to be rectified until they are qualified. The final explosion-proof level is composed of the explosion-proof markings of each component.

Combination products generally have a larger volume and are typicallyZhongnuo TestingThe engineer went to the site for inspection. 

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