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Guidelines for obtaining explosion-proof certificates for touch screen instrument boxes

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With the advancement of technology, the application of touch screens is becoming increasingly widespread. Especially in places with explosive hazards such as oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, and military industries, various touch screen electronic and electrical products can be seen. Such places require electrical equipment to pass national standardsExplosion proof standardConduct relevant tests and obtain corresponding explosion-proof certificates. belowZhongnuo TestingTaking touch screen instrument boxes as an example to obtain explosion-proof certification, briefly describe how to transform a regular product into an explosion-proof product and successfully obtain itExplosion proof certificateThe key and difficult points.

Explosion proof renovationThe production of the outer shell is a major challenge. The shell of the product itself definitely does not meet the requirements and needs to be replaced as a whole. Design an explosion-proof shell that meets the size requirements. However, due to the large number of ports and touch screen of the product, there are several design difficulties that need to be solved. The specific difficulties are as follows:

Firstly, the touch screen is a crucial part, as the explosion-proof shell has to withstand relatively high explosive pressure. For the touch screen, only a regular display screen can be used, but the display screen cannot serve as part of the shell. An observation window should be installed on the shellThe material should be tempered glass with a certain thicknessThe observation window and the outer shell should be sealed with glue and mechanically pressed. If the touch screen needs to be operated, an explosion-proof button should be installed on the outer shell to achieve this;

Secondly, the communication unit/The processing method for interfaces is that this product has many communication channels that need to be connected externally. In the field of explosion-proof, aviation plugs are not allowed to be used. It is necessary to change them to explosion-proof dedicated entry devices. These entry devices need to reserve numbered positions on the casing, and the quantity and size are determined according to actual requirements. Some communication can be achieved by using multi-core wiresCan distinguish pins to achieve;

Furthermore, the antenna part is wirelessly transmitted, and the power of this part needs to be limited. Firstly, the energy needs to be limited. This part needs to review the antenna circuit. If the circuit design cannot meet the explosion-proof requirements due to the difficulty of rectification, the antenna function should be considered to be removed;

Finally, if there are other issues, they should be rectified according to the recommendations of the explosion-proof engineer.

Instrument boxes produced according to explosion-proof requirements and obtained explosion-proof certification are called explosion-proof instrument boxes (with operation buttons). They are mostly made of aluminum alloy die-casting or steel plate welding, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed after high-speed shot blasting, with a beautiful appearance. The products are mostly explosion-proof structures, and can be equipped with various explosion-proof instruments such as voltage meters, ammeters, digital displays, temperature controllers, tachometers, flow meters, and other display instruments and various display instruments to be operated.


Explosion proof instrument boxWith operation buttonsApplicable to1District2Zone hazardous areas; Applicable toIIAIIBIICclassT6Explosive gas environments of and below groups; Widely used in hazardous areas such as petroleum, chemical, offshore platforms, military, and docks, for communication purposes50HzRated voltage380VThe circuit serves as a power branch for opening and closing, and has overload and short circuit protection functions.

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