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The basic principle of explosion-proof certification

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Explosion proof is one of the most commonly used explosion-proof types in the market, with applicable standards being GB/T 3836.1 and GB/T 3836.2. Mainly achieved through the protection of explosion-proof shells. The explosion-proof shell should have sufficient thickness and strength. Even if an explosion occurs inside the equipment, the width, gap, and roughness of the junction surface of the explosion-proof shell will cause the flame to extinguish and will not ignite the external hazardous environment; On the other hand, even if an explosion occurs in a hazardous area outside, the explosion-proof shell still has explosion-proof performance. Overall, the shell can be both explosion-proof and explosion-proof. Therefore, the equipment will be relatively bulky.

Zhongnuo Testing has been deeply involved in the field of explosion-proof for many years, familiar with the requirements of GB/T 3836 series standards, and has rich experience in the design and rectification guidance of explosion-proof products. It can provide services such as explosion-proof shell design, drawing, certification, and drawing preparation. If you have certification needs in this area, remember to send us a private message!

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