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TIIS, also known as the Industrial Safety Technology Association of Japan, is a designated explosion-proof electrical equipment testing organization by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan. At present, Japan's TIIS explosion-proof certification also recognizes the IEC60079 series explosion-proof standards, which can be directly converted from valid IECEx certificates and reports to local TIIS explosion-proof certificates.

1、 If a company's product applies for TIIS explosion-proof certification in Japan, there are two steps to follow:

1. Applying for IECEx International Explosion proof Certificate

2. Convert IECEx certificates and reports to TIIS explosion-proof certificates

2、 Required documents for applying for TIIS explosion-proof certification in Japan:

1. Required documents to be prepared: electrical schematic diagram, final assembly drawing, PCB diagram, structural diagram, component list, specification book, product description and manual for each component, copy of applicant's business license, etc

2. Nameplate (IECEx certificate number must be written on the nameplate)

3. Samples

4. All the above information must be provided in both English and Japanese.

3、 Application cycle for TIIS explosion-proof certification in Japan:

1. The cycle for applying for an IECEx certificate includes the initial drawing review time, testing time (related to the specific structure, explosion-proof type, and explosion-proof level of the product), report issuance, factory review cycle, IECEx certificate issuance, TIIS certificate conversion cycle, etc.

2. Generally speaking,

(1) The drawing review and formal testing cycle is 1-2 months,

(2) The period for issuing English reports is 3-4 weeks

(3) Factory review cycle 2-3 weeks

(4) IECEx certificate issuance cycle 2-3 weeks

(5) IECEx certificate to TIIS certificate conversion cycle 1-2 months

4、 The cost of applying for TIIS explosion-proof certification in Japan:

The fee includes the application for IECEx certificate and transfer fee. For details, please consult Zhongnuo Testing directly.

5、 The validity period of the Japanese TIIS certificate is 3 years

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