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Russian explosion-proof certification

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Russian explosion-proof certification, also known as EAC explosion-proof certification or CU-TR certification.

The Russian EAC explosion-proof certificate is a certification document that proves that the product meets the explosion-proof safety requirements of the Customs Union. It is a mandatory certificate of conformity for specific explosion-proof products in the CU-TR certification system of the Customs Union, proving that the product meets the explosion-proof safety requirements of Russia and the Customs Union. According to the laws of the Russian Federation, explosion-proof safety certification is a mandatory certification under the national standard of the Customs Union.

1、 Required documents for applying for EAC explosion-proof certification for Russian explosion-proof products:

1. ATEX certificate and test report

2. Product manual or product introduction

3. Product drawings (general assembly drawings, electrical schematic diagrams, BOM tables, structural diagrams, etc.)

4. Technical Maintenance Manual

5. Security risk assessment report

6. Picture of each model

7. Nameplate

8. ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate

9. Customs Alliance Representative Company Information (Importer Information): Business License of Enterprise Legal Person, Company Details (Name, Address, Legal Person, Phone, Email, etc.) 

2、 Certification process

1. Submit certification application (product name and model, specification parameters, international customs code, etc.);

2. Zhongnuo Testing Engineers evaluate and recommend suitable certification solutions to your clients for certification needs;

3. The customer is preparing certification materials.

4. Review the factory and sample testing (if the certification scheme requires this);

5. Institutional review of factory qualifications, identification of submitted materials, issuance of draft certificates

6. Issuing certificates, receiving electronic and original copies.

3、 Certification cycle: 2-3 months

4、 Applicable standards:TRCU 012/2011 On safety of the equipment for operation in exploratory atmospheres

5、 Validity period of EAC explosion-proof certificate:Divided into 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year periods

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