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Brazil INMETRO Explosion proof Certification

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INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality) is a government department directly under the Brazilian Ministry of Development and Foreign Trade.

INMETRO certification is a mandatory certification of the INMETRO logo under the supervision of national audit organizations in Brazil, mainly targeting specific product categories that wish to enter the Brazilian market, namely mandatory and voluntary categories. Electrical equipment used in flammable gas or explosive dust environments is a mandatory certification product. Mandatory INMETRO certification is required according to Brazilian INMETRO Order No. 179:2010 in order to legally enter the Brazilian market for sales.

The INMETRO explosion-proof certification in Brazil can generally be transferred through IECEx certification, but there must be a local importer in Brazil.

How can domestic enterprises apply for INMETRO explosion-proof certification in Brazil?

1. Customers provide relevant product information (including product circuit diagrams, structural diagrams, final assembly drawings, process documents, product design manuals, etc.)

2. Technical data review

3. Provide sample testing and issue an IECEx test report after passing the test

4. Factory Production Quality System Review

5. Issue IECEx certificate

6. Submit IECEx certificate and test report to NCC

7. NCC reviews IECEx certificates and reports, and issues final technical reports

8. Issue INMETRO certificate and INMETRO logo usage license

9. Periodic monitoring and review in accordance with Brazilian regulatory requirements

The template for Brazil INMETRO explosion-proof certificate is as follows:


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