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Classification of explosion-proof certifications worldwide

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Explosion proof certification is the process of determining that equipment meets the requirements of explosion proof standards, conducting type tests and routine tests, and issuing relevant certificates of conformity. The certificate can be specific to Ex equipment or Ex components.

Equipment and protective systems used in explosive gas environments must comply with multiple regulations, standards, and directives in order to enter the global trade market.

At present, there are roughly the following types of explosion-proof certifications worldwide:

 1. The ATEX certification of the European Union adopts the EN standard.

The ATEX Explosion Prevention Directive 2014/34/EU, which is used to regulate equipment and protection systems used in potentially explosive environments, is a mandatory regulation among EU member states. Hazardous locations or explosion-proof equipment intended for installation in the EU must comply with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. The ATEX directive ensures the free flow of goods throughout the European Union through coordinated compliance procedures. Once the product has passed the instructions and obtained compliance certification, it can be affixed with the CE mark and Ex mark pattern.

2. The IECEX certification of the International Electrotechnical Commission adopts the IEC standard.

The purpose of IECEx certification is to establish an international certification system for explosion-proof products, to achieve unified standards, certificates, and marks in the audit of explosion-proof products, and to facilitate the rapid entry of compliant products into markets in various countries through a multi country certification mechanism, thereby promoting international trade. Under the IECEx system, only accredited certification bodies (ExCB) and testing laboratories (ExTL) are accepted for the certification work of the system.

3. The CU-TR certification in the CIS region (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan) adopts standards similar to IEC.

Customs Union Technical Regulation Certification, also known as Customs Union Technical Specification Certification, has the certification mark EAC, hence the English abbreviation CU-TR certification or EAC certification. Starting from February 15, 2013, in order to obtain the authorization of the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan) for the entry of dangerous goods, it is necessary to obtain EAC (Eurasian Compliance) Ex certification. The EAC Ex certificate indicates compliance with the Technical Regulations TP TC 012/2011 "Technical Specification Directive for Safety of Explosion proof Equipment" of the Customs Union.

4. Local explosion-proof certifications such as UL and FM in North America mainly use NEC standards in the region.

5. China's explosion-proof certification adopts the GB3836 national standard.

According to the Standardization Law of the People's Republic of China, all explosion-proof standards are mandatory and must be enforced. Explosion proof products (including imports) used in China must be certified by a nationally designated explosion-proof inspection agency. The explosion-proof inspection and certification agency, in accordance with the Chinese national standard GB 3836 series, reviews and tests the explosion-proof performance of explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof electrical equipment, explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof instruments and meters, explosion-proof communication equipment, explosion-proof transportation vehicles, and explosion-proof mechanical equipment, and issues explosion-proof qualification certificates. In addition to adopting the GB3836 standard, domestic coal safety certification also adopts China's unique industry standards for mining products.

6. ECASEx in UAE countries.

ECASEx (Emirates Conformity Assessment System Ex) is a mandatory certification required by the Emirates Authority for Standardization&Metrology (ESMA) of the United Arab Emirates for electrical equipment used in potentially explosive environments. The validity period of the ECASEx certificate is 1 year.

7. INMETRO in Latin America.

The INMETRO logo under the supervision of the national audit organization in Brazil is mandatory certification, and manufacturers are required to apply for INMETRO certification in accordance with local law Portaria 179:2010, which stipulates regulations for the use of equipment in hazardous locations.

 8. Taiwan, China Ts.

The Ministry of Labor of the Executive Yuan entrusts the Industrial Technology Research Institute, a consortium, to carry out the type inspection of explosion-proof products, conduct inspections on explosion-proof products in accordance with the CNS 3376 series regulations, and issue explosion-proof qualification certificates. We also accept IECEx certificates and reports to enter the Taiwan market through certificate transfer.

9. ANZEx Australia.

Australia (Australia and New Zealand) directly recognizes the IECEx certificate.

10. Japan TIIS.

The Japan Institute of Industrial Safety Technology (TIIS) is a designated explosion-proof electrical equipment testing agency by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan. If holding the certification certificate, test report, and technical documents related to IEC 60079, the application shall be processed through written review, exemption from repeated testing, and the validity period of the type inspection certificate is 3 years.

11. Korean KCs.

If the manufacturer has obtained the IECEx certificate, they can apply for the Korean KC certificate with the certificate, test report, and technical documents, or they can be exempted from repeated testing. Currently, there are three main institutions that can issue KC certificates: KGS, KOSHA, and KTL. The certificate holder must be a company registered in Korea.

12. Saudi SASO.

The Certificate of Conformity (CoC) issued by a certification body authorized by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) provides access to Saudi Arabia based on the IECEx certificate.

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