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Process and requirements for obtaining explosion-proof certificate of gas detector

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Gas detectors are one of the widely used products in various potential gas explosion environments. Many customers consult with Zhongnuo Testing about the explosion-proof certification of gas detectors. They are always uncertain or unfamiliar with the choice of explosion-proof or intrinsic safety explosion-proof technology. To answer their questions, Zhongnuo Testing provides a simple explanation of the explosion-proof and intrinsic safety explosion-proof technology of gas detectors.

Whether a gas detector is explosion-proof or intrinsically safe depends on the structure, installation method, and usage location of the product.

For portable and handheld devices, it is recommended to choose the intrinsically safe type, which is relatively lightweight. In addition, if the detector is used in Zone 0, it can only be used for intrinsic safety IA explosion-proof level. But there is a requirement for intrinsically safe products, which is to provide circuit drawings of the product and be able to design the circuit according to the requirements of intrinsically safe.

Fixed type can be considered as explosion-proof. Explosion proof products are relatively bulky. By creating an explosion-proof shell to protect the internal circuits, even if there is a risk of explosion, the explosion-proof shell can block the spread of the explosion.

In addition, if the gas detector is battery powered, the temperature rise test of the battery must be considered when applying for explosion-proof certification.

The explosion-proof mark of the gas detector successfully certified by Zhongnuo Testing: Ex ibIIC T4 Gb

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