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Explosion proof electrical inspection organization and list of required documents

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With the increasing popularity of explosion-proof appliances, many explosive hazardous areas have installed and used explosion-proof appliances. Many end users believe that as long as explosion-proof electrical appliances are installed in explosive hazardous areas, everything will be fine. In many cases, so-called explosion-proof electrical appliances do notExplosion proof certificateOr the explosion-proof certificate may expire or be forged, the nameplate may not match the explosion-proof certificate, the explosion-proof type selection may not comply, gas explosion-proof electrical equipment and dust explosion-proof electrical equipment may be mixed, the wiring of explosion-proof electrical equipment may be improperly installed, the circuit may not be grounded, drilling holes or installing buttons on the explosion-proof shell may cause explosion-proof failure, and explosion-proof electrical equipment may suffer from long-term corrosion, high temperature, and intense vibration.


For explosion-proof electrical appliances in use,AQ 3009-2007The "Code for Electrical Safety and Explosion Protection in Hazardous Areas" standard stipulates that explosion-proof electrical appliances in use shall be at least3Annual commission withexplosion-proofA testing center with professional qualifications conducts tests on the performance, installation, maintenance, and other aspects of explosion-proof electrical appliances. Any non compliant items must be promptly rectified, and the inspection report and rectification situation must be filed with the safety production supervision and management department.

Conducting explosion-proof on-site inspections on explosion-proof electrical appliances in use is not only a requirement of the safety production department, but also a concern of the enterprise for its own life and property safety.

If the enterprise needs to conduct regular inspections on such sites and provide explosion-proof testing reports, it only needs to provide the following information to Zhongnuo Testing:

1. Explosion proof area division diagram

2. List of electrical equipment in explosion-proof areas

3. Explosion proof area

4. Copy of explosion-proof certificate for explosion-proof electrical equipment

If the enterprise only wants to test a part of the equipment or is unclear about the information provided, Zhongnuo Testing can provide targeted solutions and suggestions.

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