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How to apply for product explosion-proof certification? What is the processing procedure and how much does it cost?

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As a professional, Zhongnuo TestingExplosion proof certification agentInstitution, familiar with the technical requirements and processing procedures for explosion-proof certification of various products.

The basic process for applying for explosion-proof certification at Zhongnuo Testing:

1. Provide product drawings and technical information toZhongnuo Testingexamine

2. Sample testing

3. Unqualified items were detected during testing, and Zhongnuo Testing assisted in explosion-proof rectification,

4. IssuedExplosion proof testing reportAnd certificates

The cost of explosion-proof certification is related to the following aspects:

1. Do you want to obtain an explosion-proof certificate or an explosion-proof 3C certification? If explosion-proof 3C certification is required, a factory audit is required, which includes audit fees, auditor travel expenses, 3C certificate application fees, and certificate fees

2. Related to explosion-proof signs. DifferentExplosion proof signsThe explosion-proof testing items are different, and the cost naturally varies as well

3. Domestic explosion-proof certification or international explosion-proof certification? The same explosion-proof symbol, ATEX/IECEx certification is much more expensive than domestic explosion-proof certificates, and factory audits are also required. North AmericaExplosion proof certificationIt's even more expensive, 100000 yuan

4. Do you need to retest? Some customer products have never been made beforeExplosion proof designIf you bring it over, it will require rectification and retesting, which will increase the cost. If the product also comes with a battery, battery testing is also an expense, especially if the battery always fails to test.

5. Do you need to expedite. Laboratories have many orders and often require queuing. If there is an urgent need, an urgent fee will be charged.

Successful cases: AGV car, sensors, transmitters, flow meters, wristwatches, gas detectors, RFID tags, lightboxes, walkie talkies, samplers, handheld intelligent terminals, wireless data terminals, dust collectors, printers, antennas, UWB, etc

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