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What is an explosion-proof certificate? Where can I handle it?

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With the increasing emphasis on safety production by the country, electrical equipment used in various chemical plants, oil stations and depots, grain and oil factories, coal mines and other places must pass the national standardGB3836Obtain corresponding inspection and testing requirements for the series of explosion-proof standardsExplosion proof certificateOr coal safety certification.

todayZhongnuo TestingIntroduce the relevant knowledge of explosion-proof certification.

1、 Certification bodies

Enterprise customers can directly seek certification from certification agencies to provide samples and information for certification, or they can also seek certification fromShenzhen Zhongnuo Testing Technology Co., LtdAgency handling. At present, there are more than ten qualified institutions in China that have the qualifications to issue explosion-proof certificates, such as Nanyang CNex, Shanghai NEPSI, Tianjin PCEC, Shenchuan Institute, Guangzhou Special Inspection Institute, Jiamusi Explosion Prevention Institute, etc.Zhongnuo TestingWe maintain a good and stable cooperative relationship with both of them.

2、 Data requirements:

1. Product drawing information: When applying for the explosion-proof certificate of intrinsically safe electrical equipment, enterprises should provide general assembly drawings, circuit schematic diagrams, printed circuit board diagrams, silk screen diagrams, component material lists, and nameplate diagrams. When enterprises apply for explosion-proof certificates of non intrinsically safe electrical equipment, the technical documents submitted for inspection should include:Zhongnuo TestingDrawing reflecting the explosion-proof performance of the sample (including final assembly drawing and parts drawing). When the overall drawing can clearly indicate the explosion-proof parameters and structure of the product, only the overall drawing can be sent for inspection.

2. Technical information: including enterprise standards/technical requirements.The enterprise standards/technical requirements of the product should be written in the prescribed format, which should not only include the performance requirements of the product, but also include explosion-proof related content, such as basic parameters, explosion-proof signs, environmental conditions for use, explosion-proof performance requirements, relevant tests of explosion-proof performance, and explosion-proof related signs.

3. Other information: For products with adhesive and sealing, the corresponding adhesive and sealing agent model name, performance description, and relevant process documents should be provided. For plasticsShellThe product should provide plastic materials and corresponding performance documents. Products with batteries alsoZhongnuo TestingWe need to provide relevant specifications or testing reports for the battery.

3、 Sample requirements:

The prototype submitted by the enterprise for inspection should be consistent with the approved drawings and assembled completely. The number of inspection units should meet the requirements. If there are special disassembly and assembly tools, they should be sent together. For sealed electrical equipment, one set of products with intact sealing and one set of products without sealing should be sent. Observation windowZhongnuo Testing5 additional transparent pieces should be sent, at least 3 pieces. The transparent parts of the lighting fixtures should be sent as an additional 8 pieces, at least 5 pieces. Rubber aging test should provide 35 × fifteen × 6 rubber blocks, 3-5 pieces. The measurement of insulation resistance of plastic shells requires a diameter of 150 to be provided × Two plastic sheets of 60. If the size allows, the plastic shell can be directly measured. Generally, 1-2 finished products need to be provided.

4、 Application method:

1. Free application: Enterprises can apply for certification by themselves, prepare relevant materials, assist in debugging prototypes, and modify non-standard parts of the materials. The cycle is relatively long, the overall cost is high, and it is time-consuming and laborious.

2. Agency application: Agency application refers to a professional explosion-proof electrical technical service organization (such asZhongnuo Testing)The entire process of applying for the agency, including data modification, prototype debugging, and progress coordination, is entrusted to the agency, ensuring good progress. The general processing cycle is 1-2 months, with controllable comprehensive costs and time-saving and labor-saving.

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