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The National Safety Production Tianjin Explosion proof Electrical Testing and Inspection Center, also known as the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Electrical Product Explosion proof Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (PCEC), is a special environmental electrical equipment testing laboratory authorized by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration, the International Electrotechnical Commission, and China Classification Society.

PCEC has established mutual recognition relationships with certification organizations and inspection agencies such as BV/LCIE in France, PTB in Germany, CCVE in Russia, DNV in Norway, TUV in Germany, and FM in the United States. It is an explosion-proof electrical testing laboratory of the International Electrotechnical Commission.

PCEC Tianjin Explosion proof Electrical Testing and Inspection CenterThe main business includes:

1. Inspect explosion-proof electrical/non electrical products and issue explosion-proof qualification certificates;

2. Type inspection of marine and anti-corrosion electrical products and motors;

3. Testing and inspection of electrical equipment in use in hazardous chemical workplaces;

4. Undertake national supervision and spot checks on the quality of non mining explosion-proof electrical products for 8 consecutive years.

5. Inspection and participation in the review of national explosion-proof electrical product production licenses.

6. Undertake services and consulting on electrical safety technology for special environments in industries such as oil, natural gas, offshore oil, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

7. Undertake research projects on electrical safety related to the Ministry of Science and Technology, industry, and Tianjin city.

The website for querying the explosion-proof certificate of PCEC Tianjin Explosion proof Testing and Certification Center is:


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