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How can I transfer to coal safety certification or mine safety certification when I have an explosion-proof 3C certification certificate?

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| 2021-06-15|Return

Do you still need to apply for a coal safety or mining safety certification code if you have an explosion-proof 3C certification certificate?

In China, the explosion-proof 3C certification/explosion-proof qualification certificate and coal/mine safety belong to different management systems, and the places where products are used are also different. The two certificates belong to different certificate systems and are relatively independent. No matter which certificate you have, in addition, the certificate needs to be submitted toZhongnuo TestingFollow the application process for the new product to reapply.

Similarly, if there is coal safety/mining safety certification, apply for oneExplosion proof certificateOr the explosion-proof 3C certification certificate also needs to be processed according to the new application process.

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