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After replacing the production license with the explosion-proof CCC certification, do we still need an explosion-proof qualification certificate?

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Since its release in July 2019Announcement on the Implementation Requirements of the State Administration for Market Regulation on the Conversion of Production License to Compulsory Product Certification Management for Explosion proof Electrical and Other ProductsAfterwards, it has been almost two years so far. Many enterprises producing explosion-proof electrical products also have a certain understanding of the explosion-proof 3C certification system.

However, does the implementation of the explosion-proof 3C certification system replace the original explosion-proof qualification certificate?

Do products still require explosion-proof certificates to enter the market?

What qualifications do enterprises need to produce explosion-proof electrical products?


In fact, as long as you carefully read this announcement, you can understand that only some explosion-proof electrical products are included in the scope of national mandatory product certification (details can be found in the product catalog of explosion-proof electrical mandatory product certification). There are still most explosion-proof products in the market that are not included, such as common explosion-proof lamps, dust removal equipment, mechanical products, etc.The installation and use of explosion-proof equipment outside the product catalog in explosive places must strictly comply with the requirements of GB3836/GB12476/GB25286 series explosion-proof standards, and obtain corresponding explosion-proof qualification certificates.

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