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Zhongnuo Testing - On site safety inspection for explosion-proof electrical and dust areas

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Zhongnuo TestingProvide professional on-site safety inspections for explosion-proof electrical/dust areas 

ØService capability and target audience
Provide technical services such as safety production consulting, assessment, design, inspection and testing for enterprises with explosive (gas, steam, and dust) hazardous environments

ØExplosion proof electrical safety testing
According to standards such as AQ3009, GB3836, GB12476, and GB50058
Provide electrical explosion-proof safety inspection, explosion-proof special equipment inspection, and gas detector detection services

ØSafety testing in dusty areas
According to standards such as GB15577, AQ4272, AQ4273, AQ3009, and GB50058
Provide dust explosion-proof electrical testing, ventilation and dust removal equipment explosion-proof design and testing services, etc

ØThe following documents need to be provided for on-site explosion-proof testing (all of which need to be stamped with official seals):

1. Explosion hazard area division diagram (issued by the design unit or a third-party organization);

2. List of flammable and explosive hazardous substances and MSDS;

3. List of explosion-proof electrical equipment in use, including the number of installation areas, etc;

4. Copy of explosion-proof qualification certificate for explosion-proof electrical equipment in use;

5. Explosion proof electrical equipment installation quality report (provided by the installation company);

6. Copy of enterprise business license;

7. Copy of previous cycle inspection report (if any).
Service hotline: 18924609560 (same WeChat account) 

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