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Explosion proof acceptance report for installation and construction completion of explosion-proof electrical equipment

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Many corporate customers are puzzled whether the electrical equipment purchased with a valid and genuine explosion-proof certificate can be used normally after installation? Does the use of explosion-proof equipment here equal the issue of overall explosion-proof?

We know that every product has its lifecycle, from production, market launch, end user use, loss to extinction. Explosion proof equipment, as a special equipment in a special industry, its lifecycle not only depends on the product itself, but also on the installation method, maintenance methods, etc. However, in practice, explosion accidents often occur due to improper user use of explosion-proof electrical equipment, which is very alarming.

Therefore, the installation acceptance of newly put into use explosion-proof equipment is particularly necessary and important.

After the installation of explosion-proof equipment, an inspection agency with national testing and inspection qualifications should be commissioned for initial inspection before the project is handed over to the user to ensure the explosion-proof safety performance of the entire project. The explosion-proof acceptance standards are based on mandatory national standards such as AQ 3009, GB/T3836.15, GB/T3836.16, and GB 50257.

After the installation and acceptance of explosion-proof equipment, it is not a one-time solution. To ensure that explosion-proof equipment is in good working condition and can be used safely in hazardous areas for a long time, continuous supervision and regular inspection of explosion-proof equipment in use are also necessary.

Continuous supervision should be carried out by professional personnel of the enterprise, and corresponding inspection records should be kept to promptly handle any abnormal phenomena.

Regular inspections should be entrusted to inspection institutions with national testing and inspection qualifications, with a time interval generally not exceeding 3 years. Enterprises should take timely explosion-proof rectification measures based on the items that do not meet the inspection requirements, and file the inspection reports and rectification results of third-party qualification institutions with the safety production supervision and management department.

Safety is nothing! Explosion proof cannot be relaxed!

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