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Business scope of explosion-proof electrical safety inspection in hazardous areas

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The importance and necessity of on-site explosion-proof inspection

With the increasing popularity of explosion-proof appliances, many explosive hazardous areas have installed and used explosion-proof appliances. Many end users believe that as long as explosion-proof electrical appliances are installed in explosive hazardous areas, everything will be fine. In many cases, so-called explosion-proof electrical appliances do not have explosion-proof certificates, or their explosion-proof certificates have expired or become fake. The nameplate is inconsistent with the explosion-proof certificate, the explosion-proof type selection is not in compliance, gas explosion-proof electrical equipment and dust explosion-proof electrical equipment are mixed, the wiring of explosion-proof electrical appliances is improper, the wiring is not grounded, drilling holes in the explosion-proof shell, installing buttons causes explosion-proof failure, and explosion-proof electrical appliances are subjected to long-term corrosion and high temperatures Intense vibrations, etc.

For explosion-proof electrical appliances in use,AQ 3009-2007The "Code for Electrical Safety and Explosion Protection in Hazardous Areas" standard stipulates that explosion-proof electrical appliances in use shall be at least3Entrust a testing center with explosion-proof professional qualifications once a year to conduct performance, installation, maintenance, and other tests on explosion-proof electrical appliances. For any non conformities detected, corrective measures must be taken in a timely manner, and the inspection report and rectification situation must be filed with the safety production supervision and management department.

Conducting explosion-proof on-site inspections on explosion-proof electrical appliances in use is not only a requirement of the safety production department, but also a concern of the enterprise for its own life and property safety.


Explosion proof on-site safety inspection service field:

This includes hazardous areas with explosive gas environments and explosive or combustible dust environments in industries or fields such as petroleum, chemical, coal, military, aerospace, shipbuilding, ports, marine engineering, gas engineering, pharmaceuticals, machinery, textiles, electricity, light industry, grain processing and storage, wood processing, etc., ensuring the explosion-proof safety of hazardous and explosive areas and safeguarding the development of our country and national economy.


Business scope of explosion-proof on-site safety inspection:

1. Explosion safety inspection of explosion-proof electrical equipment in hazardous areas

2. Explosion proof test for dust involved in explosions

3. On site evaluation and verification of electrical equipment in dust explosion areas

4. Quality inspection and safety acceptance inspection of explosion-proof engineering in hazardous and explosive places;

5. Consultation on explosion-proof electrical and non electrical equipment, as well as explosion-proof engineering/design/examine/reform/construction/supervision/Acceptance;

6. Customized services for various explosion-proof technologies.


Explosion proof on-site safety inspection standards

1GB 50058-2014Design Specification for Electrical Equipment in Explosive Hazardous Environments

2GB 3836.14-2014Explosive Environment Section14Part: Classification of Places for Explosive Gas Environments

3AQ 3009-2007Safety Code for Electrical Explosion Protection in Hazardous Areas

4GB 50257-2014Electrical Installation Engineering, Construction and Acceptance of Electrical Equipment in Explosive and Fire Hazardous Environments

5GB15577-2018Dust Explosion Prevention Safety Regulations

6GB12476.2-2010Electrical equipment for use in combustible dust environments2Section: Selection and Installation


Information required for applying for on-site explosion-proof inspection

1. The area of the explosion-proof site;

2. Explosion hazard area division diagram;

3. Names and Safety Data Sheets of Explosive Hazardous Substances in Corresponding Hazardous Areas(MSDS

4. List of explosion-proof electrical products, including information such as installation area and tag number

5. Copy of explosion-proof qualification certificate for each explosion-proof electrical product

6. Explanatory documents on special usage conditions for explosion-proof electrical equipment

7. Descriptive technical documents for intrinsic safety systems

8. Relevant information on installation quality

9. Cooperate with the rectification of the testing center


The process of applying for on-site explosion-proof inspection by enterprises

1. The enterprise provides us with the area of the explosion-proof site and the quantity of explosion-proof electrical products for evaluation and quotation.

2. Formal cooperation agreement signed, with the enterprise providing detailed information on the explosion-proof site

3. Engineers go to the site to inspect explosion-proof electrical products and provide rectification opinions for non conformities

4. Enterprises shall cooperate with the rectification within the predetermined period according to the rectification opinions

5. The engineer will conduct another on-site evaluation and issue an on-site inspection report after passing the evaluation

6. The enterprise shall provide the final inspection report to the local safety supervision department for filing.

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