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Process for obtaining explosion-proof qualification certificate

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Inspection procedure for explosion-proof certified products:

1. Explosion proof certified products should hold a power of attorney from the unit, a business license, or a copy of the metrological certification certificate to the management office of our quality inspection center for inspection procedures. When sending a letter for inspection, the product inspection contract (signed and stamped) should be filled out and sent together with the relevant technical information of the product.

To apply for a product explosion-proof certificate, two tasks must be carried out: product drawing review and sample inspection. After receiving the product inspection contract (download) and relevant technical information from the testing center, the management office arranges a work plan, and the project engineer contacts the testing personnel.

3. For products that do not require an explosion-proof certificate for entrusted inspection, the sending unit should provide the technical standards and samples to be inspected of the product, fill in the entrusted inspection items and basis standards, and then arrange the work by the management office.

4. The inspection unit for explosion-proof certified products shall timely pay the prescribed inspection fees according to the fee notice issued by the management office. Generally, after receiving the payment, the product explosion-proof qualification certificate, industrial test permit or inspection report can be issued.

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