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General explosion-proof performance test items for explosion-proof electrical equipment

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General explosion-proof performance test items for explosion-proof electrical equipment


Basis and requirements

Visual inspection

Manufacturing drawings and enterprise standards (technical conditions)

External dimensions and weight

Installation and connection dimensions

Electrical clearance and creepage distance

GB3836.3-4.3, 4.4 Interphase and shell to shell after wiring, Table 4 of GB3836.4

Interlocking devices and warning signs

GB3836.1-10 Special Tool Interlocking Devices


GB3836.1-9 Anti loosening, perforation exposure, and blind hole retention

Coating, paint

Corrosion resistance and arc resistance

Internal and external grounding

GB3836.1-15 Symbols, Materials, and Dimensions


Reliable connection, neat arrangement, and distinct colors

Mechanical testing

GB3836.1-23.4.3 Impact and drop (some products and parts)

Shell protection performance test

GB3836.1-23.4.4 (Explosion proof type not tested)

Connection torsion test

GB3836.1-23.4.5 (torque action)

Temperature test

GB3836.1-23.4.6 Surface temperature, thermal stability of plastic shell, transparent parts of lighting fixtures

Measurement of insulation resistance of plastic shells

Thermal upheaval

Reference device clamping test


Damp heat test

GB3836.1 Appendix D Clamping Action and Mechanical Strength

Rubber component aging test

Appendix C of GB3836.1 Alternating Damp Heat Test

GB3836.1 Appendix D: The change in Shore hardness after aging shall not exceed 20%

Note: The general test items listed in this table are applicable to explosion-proof, increased safety, intrinsic safety, and general mining electrical equipment. There may be differences according to the actual situation of the product.

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