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Basic knowledge of applying for explosion-proof certification for Ex components

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I often have inquiries from upstream manufacturers. The product I produce is a hardware component, not an electrical component. As it will be purchased by users to be used in instruments and equipment, there may be explosive hazardous gases or dust in the final use environment, byZhongnuo TestingCan the user request to obtain explosion-proof certification? What should I do?


Firstly, for this type of consultation, a preliminary understandingunderstandZhongnuo TestingcustomerThe described product is known in the explosion-proof industry asExComponents.Due toExThe components are ultimately used in explosive hazardous areas, so it is also necessary to obtain an explosion-proof certificate.


As aExThe requirements and process for applying for explosion-proof certificates for components are basically the same as those for ordinary explosion-proof electrical equipment.


For example, basic product structure, appearance, performance, and other information need to be provided. Generally, you can send the product manual (with pictures attached). Additionally, what do users require from the manufacturerExplosion proof levelIt also needs to be clarified that. suchZhongnuo TestingWillCompare whether there is a difference between the product and the desired explosion-proof level, the difficulty of implementation, and provide a rectification plan based on this.


The applicable standards for Ex component explosion-proof certification are also in accordance with the national explosion-proof standardsGB3836(Gas) andGB12476(Dust) series standards. DifferentExplosion proof typeDifferent parts of the applicable standards.


It is worth noting that,ExThe explosion-proof label of the component does not have a temperature group,


Taking individual metal joints as an example, after designing and manufacturing samples according to explosion-proof standards for inspection, a common product name is the explosion-proof cable access device. The model is determined by the manufacturer, and multiple representative models can be dragged. Other models that can be represented by the inspection samples can be reflected on one certificate,Explosion proof signsMostly forEx e IIC Gb/Ex tD A21 IP66. The explanation for this demonstration explosion-proof sign is that, becauseExThe components may be used in hazardous gas environments, hazardous dust environments, or a combination of both. If only one type of individual environment is taken, it is necessary to submit for inspection and certification again in other usage environments. This process is repetitive and costly, which is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive compared to using a composite type at once.


Ex components are not used alone and are mostly components or assemblies, such as junction boxes, explosion-proof enclosures, cable entry devices, terminal blocks, stuffing boxes, junction boxes, flexible connecting tubes, glands, and other explosion-proof components or assembliesExComponents. With the development of industries such as petroleum, chemical, coal, metallurgy, textiles, grain, oil and food processing, dust, and environmental protection,Explosion proof electrical equipment such as explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof electrical appliances, explosion-proof instruments, explosion-proof lamps, etcPreparedZhongnuo TestingmarketWith a high growth rate,ExThe demand for components is also increasing. Overall, there is an increase in industrial safety awareness, which places higher demands on product quality. In terms of ensuring performance, it also requires coordination with the environment to maintain industrial safety.

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