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Is it the same for products to have explosion-proof certification and explosion-proof qualification certificate?

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Many customers ask when consulting, what is the difference between obtaining explosion-proof certification for products and obtaining explosion-proof qualification certificates?

Explosion proof certification and explosion-proof qualification certificate are two different concepts. Products that have undergone explosion-proof certification ultimately produce explosion-proof qualification certificates.

Explosion proof certification is a process, and explosion-proof qualification certificate is the result.

So the customer said that to obtain explosion-proof certification or explosion-proof qualification certificate for the product, it is necessary for the product to pass the explosion-proof related standard tests and meet the standard requirements, and obtain the explosion-proof qualification certificate.

Explosion proof certification can be classified according to different types of explosion-proof protection, including intrinsic safety type, explosion-proof type, positive pressure type, and sealed type.

Zhongnuo Testing has a professional team of explosion-proof engineers who can provide preliminary design of explosion-proof circuits and structures, and assist enterprises in preparing the necessary drawings, instructions, enterprise standards, etc. for explosion-proof certification, helping enterprises easily obtain explosion-proof qualification certificates.

If you have any certification needs in this area, please feel free to send us a private message!

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