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What are the requirements for coal safety certification and mine safety certification?

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Coal safety certification and mine safety certification are mandatory certifications for mining products and equipment. Coal safety certification is for coal mine equipment, and mine safety certification is for non coal mine equipment. Both are applied for, reviewed, and issued certificates at the National Safety Standards Center.

The validity period of certificates is 5 years and they are subject to annual supervision and evaluation.

The application for coal safety certification and mine safety certification must go through two parts: product testing and factory review. The applicant is required to have the ability to design and develop, provide complete product design drawings, and have their own production factory.

Some products can also apply for coal safety certification and mine safety certification through OEM. If distributors, users, and others do not meet these conditions, they cannot apply for coal safety and mining safety certification.

Shenzhen Zhongnuo Testing, as a professional agency for coal safety certification and mining safety certification, is familiar with the certification process and standard requirements. It has a professional team of engineers and factory review coaching services, which can provide online applications, product design and rectification, drawing and data rectification, factory review and other services to help enterprises successfully obtain coal safety certification and mining safety certification.

Our successful cases include lightboxes, remote controls, fiber optic temperature measurement devices, sensors, air compressors, mobile phones, thermal imagers, inspection robots, etc. If you have any needs in this regard, please feel free to send us a private message for further communication!

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