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What products can obtain an intrinsic safety explosion-proof certificate?

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Intrinsic safety is one of the many types of explosion-proof protection, which limits electrical energy. Even in the event of equipment failure, the energy generated is not sufficient to ignite the surrounding explosive environment.

Therefore, intrinsic safety type has limitations on the current, voltage, capacitance, inductance, etc. of electrical equipment and can only be applied to low-power equipment.

At the same time, the intrinsically safe type has clear requirements for the power supply method of the equipment, plastic casing, wireless transmission, etc.

To apply for intrinsic safety certification for a product, it is necessary to provide the schematic diagram, PCB diagram, etc. of the obtained product.

Zhongnuo Testing has specialized intrinsic safety circuit design and structural design engineers who can provide technical consultation on explosion-proof circuit design, drawing, rectification, etc. They have rich design and certification experience in intrinsic safety IA, IB, and IC explosion-proof levels.

If you have any certification needs in this area, please feel free to send us a private message!

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