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What should be noted when applying for atex certification for combustible gas alarms?

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Combustible gas alarm, also known as gas leakage detection alarm instrument. WhenindustryEnvironment, daily lifeliving environment(If used)natural gasThere is a leakage of combustible gas in the kitchen, which is combustibleGas alarmWhen the combustible gas concentration reaches the alarm value set by the alarm,combustible gasAlarmIt will emit sound and light alarm signals to remind the implementation of safety measures such as personnel evacuation, forced ventilation, and equipment shutdown. And gas alarmZhongnuo TestingCan link related linkage equipment, such as in factory productionstorage and transportationIn case of leakage, it can drive exhaust, cut off power, spray and other systems to prevent accidents such as explosions, fires, and poisoning, thereby ensuring safe production. Often used in chemical plants, petroleum, gas stations, steel plants and other places where flammable gases are used or produced.

We know from above that combustible gas alarms are used in places with explosive hazardous environments. According to domestic and international explosion-proof standards, combustible gas alarms must pass the relevant testing items of explosion-proof standards before entering such placesZhongnuo TestingOnly after passing the inspection can it be put into use. So, what specific requirements do these types of devices have when entering the ATEX explosion-proof directive in the EU market?

The ATEX explosion-proof directive is currently mandatory and is approved through type testing and factory review.


1. The application for atex certification for combustible gas alarms must be based on the production or assembly factory as the main body

2. We need to prepare a complete set of English product information (Zhongnuo Testing can assist)

3. During the product testing phase, it is necessary to closely cooperate with the laboratory to ensure the normal progress of product testing

4. The factory has a complete production quality management system (Zhongnuo Testing can assist)

5. Provide product manuals and enterprise standards that comply with EU explosion-proof standards (Zhongnuo Testing can assist)

If you need to learn more about atex certification, please communicate directly with Zhongnuo Testing.

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